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Facebook working on LinkedIn rival: Report

Facebook is preparing a new office version of its social networking site to compete with other sites like LinkedIn, the Financial Times reported on Monday citing sources familiar with the matter.

"Facebook is secretly working on a new website called 'Facebook at Work'" that would allow users to "chat with colleagues, connect with professional contacts and collaborate over documents," it said.

Facebook last month reported its quarterly profit nearly doubled to $802 million (640 million euros) but saw its stock pounded after outlining a plan to invest heavily in the future instead of revelling in short-term riches.

"We are going to continue preparing for the future by investing aggressively, connecting everyone, understanding the world, and building the next-generation in computing platforms," Facebook founder and chief Mark Zuckerberg said then.

"We have a long journey ahead," he said. Facebook, which has 1.35 billion monthly active users worldwide, was set up in 2004 by Zuckerberg with fellow students at Harvard University who wanted to set it up as a college networking site.


Facebook to buy virtual reality firm Oculus for $2bn

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is definitely not finished with his shopping. Barely a month after Facebook spent $19 billion on WhatsApp, the company on Wednesday announced that it was buying Oculus VR, a firm that was working on a virtual reality headset for video gamers.

For Oculus, Facebook is forking out around $2 billion. According to the company, "this includes $400 million in cash and 23.1 million shares of Facebook common stock."

"I'm excited to announce that we've agreed to acquire Oculus VR, the leader in virtual reality technology," Zuckerberg said in a post on Facebook. "Virtual reality was once the dream of science fiction. But the internet was also once a dream, and so were computers and smartphones. The future is coming and we have a chance to build it together. I can't wait to start working with the whole team at Oculus to bring this future to the world, and to unlock new worlds for all of us."
While Oculus VR has not yet shipped any product, for the last one and half years it has shown several prototypes that a video gamer can wear to change his or her field of view into a virtual 3D environment. The TOI tried Oculus Rift, a prototype virtual reality headset, at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January and found it to be an impressive piece of engineering that could transform video gaming. Gamers wearing Rift do not see the gaming screen. Instead they see a virtual world made of 3D objects. Essentially, this gives the gamers a feeling that they are inside the game.

Real Truth Of Making Money Blogging You Need to Know!

Everyone has different views about blogging and most of people who have never started a blog believe that making money blogging is simple and not hard at all.
They think that anyone can do it and they can do it at any time they want and perhaps that is what never allows them to start their blog. However, the reality is quite different.
It has never been easy to make money blogging and probably never will be in years and years to come. Hence, if you are one of those people who blindly believe it is easy to make money blogging, I’m going to tell you some real facts and the truth of making money blogging.
Real Truth Of Making Money Blogging You Need to Know!

What Is Alexa Ranking System and How Does It Works?

 Alexa is a web information company owned by a very reputed company Amazon. Alexa has its own priority in website world after Google PR. Many websites are judged by only its Alexa ranking, if a website or blog has low ranking then it considered as good on the other hand if any website or blog have high Alexa rank then it considered as poor. So every website or blog holder try to boost up their Alexa ranking to create a good impression and also to earn some decent money. Today here in post i am going yo tell you What is Alexa ranking system and how does it works.

Flappy Bird’s Next Version Has Been Announced by its Creator

In the short time that it was available, Flappy Bird generated a tonne of buzz, making Dong Nguyen, it’s creator, an overnight sensation. The key to game’s success may have been its tough and addictive gameplay. Shortly afterwards, in a surprise move, the game was taken down by its creator for unknown reasons. According to the latest updates, by its creator, it can now be believed, that flappy bird’s next version is on its way and is going to be “better” than the original.
The news broke out when Dong Nguyen, the creator of Flappy Bird, reappeared on Twitter after what seemed to be a hiatus and started responding to tweets from his followers. The topics he discussed included his inspiration for entering into the world of game development and when his next game would be released. He also went out of his way to thank Justin Bieber for following him on Twitter. Upon being asked about the timeline of the game’s release, he responded with “Not soon”. You can read his exchanges on Twitter below.

Unboxing The Dual-SIM Nokia X Android Smartphone [Photo Gallery]

The Nokia X smartphone, the first device that the Finnish company has released on Android, was revealed by Stephen Elop a few weeks back, and having since gone on general sale, we’ve finally been able to get our hands on a unit. Naturally, we thought it is best to share the unboxing process with you, so check out the images below!
Last month’s Mobile World Congress in Spain played host to the unveiling of many major newdevices, and amid the flagship announcements from Sony and Samsung, Nokia finally showcased its elusive Android device. Running on a heavily modded flavor of Google’s OS, the Nokia X family has been strategically created with the intention of hitting the lower end of the market, and with very Windows Phone-like features, hopefully breed a whole new generation of WP users.
Nokia X unboxing header
Getting more consumers on board will, in turn, enrich the Windows Phone ecosystem as a whole, prompting developers to jump on board and create new, exciting apps for the WP Store. The lack of apps for Windows Phone devices has been noted ad nauseam, but with the Nokia X family as a not-so-secret weapon, we may eventually have a genuine three-horse race in a market currently dominated by Android and Apple’s iOS.
In Elop’s announcement, he revealed the Nokia X, X+ and XL, the latter of which is noticeably larger than the first two. What we have to share with you today is the standard Nokia X, which retails at around €89, and packs the very basics, including a 4-inch WVGA display at a resolution of 800 x 480 (233 ppi) and a 3-megapixel rear-facing camera, as well as dual-SIMslots.

We got up close and personal with the Nokia X back at MWC, but now, we can take a proper look at its form factor, which reveals its Lumia / Asha heritage in physical design as well as software.
When we first encountered the Nokia X in Barcelona, we were impressed by its design, and now we actually have one of our own, nothing has changed. To hold, it doesn’t feel particularly premium, but this should be expected of a device that retails for such a low price, and compared with its peers in the entry-level smartphone arena, it wins out on form factor all hands down.
Check out the photos of our unboxing of the Nokia X below, and be sure to leave your comments underneath this article.
Nokia X box front
Nokia X box specs
Nokia X box open 1
Nokia X phone box
The device comes with all the necessary things to get you started. A set of instruction manuals, a USB wall charger and a set of bright red headphones.
Nokia X other box contents
Nokia X charger
Nokia X earphones
Nokia X earphones mic
And the star of the show itself, the Nokia X:
Nokia X phone front
Nokia X phone rear
Nokia X side pose
And yes, the device supports two SIM cards simultaneously, making it a great smartphone for those who travel a lot.
Nokia X interior
Just for the sake of size comparison, we put the Nokia X side-by-side against the iPhone 5s with a 4-inch display, and the Nexus 5 which boasts a 4.95-inch display:
Nokia X iPhone 5s Nexus 5
Nokia X stacked comparison

Back off, NSA! Gmail now Encrypts every single Email

2014 - The Year for Encryption! Good News for Security & Privacy seekers, Gmail is now more secure than ever before.

Google has announced that it has enhanced encryption for its Gmail email service to protect users from government cyber-spying; by removing the option to turn off HTTPS.

So from today, Gmail will always use an encrypted HTTPS connection by default when you check or send email. Furthermore, Google also assured that every single email message will now be encrypted as it moves internally between the company's data centers.
Gmail Encrypts every single Email

Microsoft charges FBI for your Information; Syrian Electronic Army leaks Invoices

Till now we all were aware about the truth that tech companies gave legal access to user data on the government's request, but we were unaware that well known tech companies also charge the government for providing data.

Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), the pro-hacker group, who had compromised Microsoft's Twitter account and blog, earlier this year and Microsoft did announce a breach on its blog earlier this year. "It appears that documents associated with law enforcement inquiries were stolen,".

It seems that they have achieved something bigger than we expected by once more targeting Microsoft.

This time the SEA hacking group has managed to successfully get into the FBI's super-secret Digital Intercept Technology Unit (DITU), where they found the actual invoices from Microsoft; detailing how much each request for data cost, which means that the company charges for every document they provide to the FBI agents, Daily Dot reported.

The invoices above shows that Microsoft charged the DITU $145,100 in December 2012, at a rate of $100 per data request. In August 2013, the per-request rate increased to $200 and the latest Invoice dated November 2013, showed a charge of $281,000.
SEA hacked FBI microsoft
These documents show how frequently the government calls on tech companies for information and could be possible that Microsoft isn't the only company that charges the government for compliance with data requests.

The group aligned with president Bashar al-Assad, is popular for targeting western countries and media and had victimized various high-profile brands and VIPs’ twitter accounts and websites, like Forbes, Obama, Facebook, CNN, eBay and PayPal in the past using phishing techniques, and recently claimed to compromise central repository of US central command (CENTCOM).

French intelligence agency gets complete access to Orange Telecom Data

Another leak from Edward Snowden files, but this time not about the NSA, rather the documents revealed that France's central intelligence agency, the DGSE has complete and unconditional access to all of telecom giant Orange’s data, not just metadata.

Yes! It is the same Orange company who threatened to sue the NSA for hacking into the underwater cable that it jointly owns with 15 other companies.

According to the French paper Le Monde -- Orange, the leading telecom company in France with more than 26 million customers worldwide cooperated allegedly illegally for years with France’s main intelligence agency. DGSE and Agents with military clearance have been working with Orange for at least 30 years.
France orange NSA spying intelligence agency DGSE

France has a PRISM like surveillance program to target phone communications, emails and data from tech companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and Yahoo. Furthermore, DGSE is also sharing this data with foreign allies like GCHQ. 

The revelations come just one week after the exposure of the wiretap scandal of French ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy phone calls.

The Company spokesperson said, they are cooperating the France Intelligence agency under strict compliance with the law and under the responsibility of the state and legal control of judges.

Orange CEO Stéphane Richard said that he wasn’t aware of what the DGSE was doing. He just granted access to Orange for employees of the DGSE in order to comply with the law.

The French government owns a 27 percent stake in the company, but is that mean the country’s secret services have legislative approval to access customer data?

Microsoft Admits Spying on Hotmail Account to track Source of Windows 8 leak

Earlier this week, Microsoft admitted that they have accessed a French Blogger's private Hotmail account to identify a former Microsoft employee who had leaked the company's trade secrets in 2012.

Microsoft defined this private investigation as part of "Protecting our customers and the security and integrity of our products", mentioned in the Microsoft's terms of service, which says that the action was within the boundaries of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act.

U.S. Authorities arrest Alex Kibkalo, ex-Microsoft employee. The indictment states, Kibkalo "uploaded proprietary software and pre-release software updates for Windows 8 RT as well as the Microsoft Activation Server Software Development Kit (SDK) to his personal SkyDrive account in August 2012."
Microsoft Spying Hotmail Source Windows8 leak

Indian Banks may switch to Linux, rather than taking extended Windows XP Support

As we have reported you earlier that Microsoft is pulling out their Windows XP support after April 8 2014. Since a vast majority of bank ATMs around the world currently runs on Windows XP, but if they’ll continue sticking to it after the deadline, then they’ll be exposed to all kinds of security threats, as Microsoft will no longer provide the security patches thereafter.

Many countries’ Banks have got a way out, many banks have arranged or are in the process of arranging extended support for Windows XP for which they are ready to pay Microsoft millions of dollars, but may be not in the case of India. Yes, India will never feed Microsoft for providing extra support to the older version; rather they could switch over to the Linux operating system.
Linux ATM Windows XP Support

NSA Hacked Servers of Chinese telecom Huawei, Stole Source Codes

The US Government was publicly accusing Chinese electronics manufacturer Huawei of espionage from the past few years.

Ironically, it has now been revealed that the National Security Agency conducted a major offensive cyber operations against the Chinese government and networking company Huawei, in early 2009.

According to reports based on classified documents leaked by Edward Snowden and viewed by The Times and Der Spiegel, NSA has infiltrated servers in the headquarters of Chinese telecommunications and hacked into the email servers of Huawei five years ago.
Code-named as "Operation Shotgiant" was conducted with the involvement of the CIA, White House intelligence coordinator and the FBI; aimed to find a link between Huawei and China’s People’s Liberation Army. NSA accessed the emails of many Huawei employees' for this purpose.
NSA hacked Huawei

NSA also aimed to conduct surveillance through computer and telephone networks Huawei sold to other nations. According to the papers, NSA stole the secret source code for certain Huawei products, and obtained the information on how to exploit Huawei's products in order to spy on foreign customers such as Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kenya, and Cuba.

The reports show the NSA spying on former Chinese President Hu Jintao, the country’s trade ministry, banks, telecoms firms and also tracking more than 20 Chinese hacking groups, where more than half of them Chinese Army or Navy units.
"If it is true, the irony is that exactly what they are doing to us is what they have always charged that the Chinese are doing through us," William Plummer, a senior Huawei executive in the United States "If such espionage has been truly conducted, then it is known that the company is independent and has no unusual ties to any government and that knowledge should be relayed publicly to put an end to an era of mis- and disinformation."

The US and China are hacking each other from long time and NSA spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden said that the NSA spying is for national security purposes only, "We do not give intelligence we collect to US companies to enhance their international competitiveness or increase their bottom line."

The US Government labeled their actions (Stealing Source codes, installing backdoors) as 'Hacking for National Security' and accusing Huawei for 'Corporate Theft'. In a document NSA wrote, "We currently have good access and so much data that we don't know what to do with it,"

A Tale Of A DOM Based XSS In Paypal


We have already disclosed lots of findings related to DOM Based XSS and this article talks about a pretty interesting DOM Based XSS vulnerability i found long time back inside paypal. A DOM Based xss vulnerability also known as the third type of XSS vulnerability or type 0. This vulnerability occurs due to the fact that developers don't sanitize the input before it reaches a sink. A Sink is defined as anything that generates HTML, not every sink is considered as dangerous, however there are some common sinks that should be avoided and are mentioned at DOM Based XSS wiki .

Current Situation 

The situation with DOM Based xss is getting worse now a days, not only because of dynamic JS libraries such as YUI, Jquery, Jquery mobile etc, but also with programming languages such as PHP that are more natively supporting HTML 5 features. One of the aspects of a DOM Based XSS vulnerability that i discovered was with tracking scripts such as Eloqua, Sitestat, Omniture, etc as they often introduce dangerous sinks. Examples are here and here. The same is the case with sharing buttons such as google plus, addthis etc. 
DOM Based XSS In Paypal, paypal, Security, DOM Based XSS, Tech Holics, Hacking,

A Vulnerable Example from W3schools 

The worsed part about DOM Based xss apart from it's complexity is the fact that lots of learning references and guides teach developers to code things in an insecure way i.e. in a way that would introduce vulnerabilities automatically. The following screenshot is taken from the jquery learning section of w3schools. The website needs no introduction, it is the most commonly referred websites for beginners to learn various programming language.

The code uses the html() function inside of jquery to output html, however the problem is that html() is not a safe jquery function and is represented as a dangerous sink as per DOM Based XSS Wiki. In case, where a user controlled input outputted through html() sink without sanitization would lead to a DOM Based xss. The html() function inside of jquery is the equivalent to the innerHTML function inside of javascript. The fundamental problem is that the developers are not advised to use a safe function. Therefore, in my opinion w3schools shall be renamed to w3fools. 

The Tale Of Paypal DOM Based XSS

The subdomain was a subject of DOM Based xss vulnerability. The subdomain had a feature which triggered my interest, which allowed the users to create ad units of different sizes. The size of the ad was being handled on the client side with the help of jquery.

Example * 80

The above input would display "460 * 80" in front of the Selected Size Option, Changing the text with our own input would result in the same text being outputted on to the screen. This means that our input that is taken from a source is being passed through a sink to be displayed upon the screen. So, what happens if we change the input with our XSS payload, for example - .

Unfortunately, the results were returned URL encoded. Now there could be two possibilities, whether the javascript is encoding our input before rendering it on the screen or it's a general browser behaviour. Turns out that Google Chrome and Firefox browsers encode everything sent after ?, but what about Internet explorer?, Internet explorer returns the characters as URL unencoded and therefore, we inside of internet explorer we are able to render our javascript. 

With that being said, as per DOM Based XSS wiki google chrome does not encode certain characters when passed after a hash. Therefore, we could add an additional hash after the ? mark to get our payload executed. 


Vulnerable Code

With some debugging i was able to determine the exact cause of the vulnerability. The following screenshot highlights the line of code that was responsible for the cause of this vulnerability. 

The line 517 represents the source being document.url, a split function is called which splits everything being sent after the ? mark and saves it inside a variable called url.

The split function would return  from the url and then is saved inside a variable called url. Next inside the 521 line we can see that html() function is used to output url variable, which in this case contains our xss paylaod. The payload would be outputted to the screen and hence would execute the javascript for us. 


DOM Based XSS are growing and would continue to grow as more and more people would start using dynamic javascript libraries and as more people more towards server side javascript i.e. node js, the impact would be much more high. This article demonstrates the importance of sanitizing the user supplied input not only on the server side but also on the client side. 


How to Boost Your Facebook Fan Page with 3,385.7% Growth?

After months of research, today I’m presenting the Facebook strategy which attracted thousands of Facebook followers. These strategies include only white hat techniques, which I would be sharing in the below article. If you are looking for any automated Facebook script or code, then this article is not for you. I always follow slow and steady procedures to make my life easier and happier. Following this article will open your doors to thousands of Facebook followers in less than a month. Remember that too much of anything is never good for anyone, so proceed with caution. I have successfully grabbed 200,000 Facebook likes on one of my Facebook page (Latest Tips and Tricks). This Facebook page had grabbed a massive growth of 3,385.7% in just 30 days. Now it’s your turn to grab those crazy followers.
Viral facebook likes trick

Why Facebook Marketing?

With more than billion users, Facebook has become the most popular social media network ever built. Looking at this massive growth, many online marketing companies are spending their daily budgets on Facebook. And these days many of our clients force us to spend the SEO budgets on Facebook, rather than the traditional SEO campaigns. This is acceptable, as the client might want to see immediate engagement from day 1. Compared to the traditional SEO campaigns, Facebook is quite easy to understand for anyone. Most of the times we tend to burn our cash with Facebook ads and other SMM freelancers, but its okay to learn from your mistakes.

FreeKall: Free Calling Without Internet in Across India

Following the dawn of several web-based mobile communication platforms, such as WhatsApp and Viber, there was a noticeable decrease in the profit of telecommunication providers. For instance, in the current context, especially in youth community, we can say that WhatsApp has simply dominated over SMSs, as the former methods needs single internet connection to keep in contact with your friends. Likewise, Applications like Viber, which allows free audio & video calls over internet, we can find a decrease in amount of phone calls as well. Nevertheless, when we consider a country like India, where fast internet connection is just a dream for majority, it seems such Apps do not really allow ‘free calling’ in this country. However, understanding this situation, some students from India has come up with one effective solution, which allows you to make free calls without internet connection!
FreeKall: Free Calling Without Internet in Across India ,FreeKall, Free Calling Without Internet, Tech Holics, Apps,

Free Calls? Seriously?
Yes, you heard us right! FreeKall, which is the endeavor by a Bangalore-based telephony startup, can be your savior, when you are running out of balance in your mobile phone. Yashas Sekhar, master brains behind this awesome idea, says that FreeKall has received such an incredible response from users, and that has caused the server to crash down several times. Nevertheless, we are sure that most of you are incredulous about this FreeKall, and some of you might even think that it is a sort of fraud! But, you can fix all these doubts when you know how FreeKall works and the full process behind provision of free phone calls around the country and globe (to be implemented soon).

How does FreeKall Work?
Actually, basic principle of FreeKall deals with the revolutionary methods of advertisements, where we can see audio advertisements instead of traditional counterparts. To be precise, when you are making the ‘free’ call using FreeKall, both the caller and receiver will have to listen to audio advertisements in-between phone calls. In addition, you will hear an advertisement instead of ring! If you call your friend using FreeKall, you and your friend will have to listen to an advertisement once your conversation reaches 2 minutes.

This process will continue throughout the call, but the duration of advertisement is just 10 seconds, which obviously seems adjustable. For this purpose, however, FreeKall keeps a tie-up with ‘Streetsmart Media Solutions’, one of the popular media solutions, and they will provide advertisements to be played during the mentioned interval. Through that interval, unlike most you think, the advertiser will have an extended reach towards the audient.

Of course, this principle of FreeKall makes enough sense. In other words, FreeKall seems profitable for both the user as well as advertiser at the same time. Nevertheless, FreeKall is currently in its testing phase, and there is some kinds of limitations in terms of calling time.

How to use FreeKall?
Unlike WhatsApp or Viber, FreeKall does not require installation of any applications in your mobile phone. Instead, it needs you to register on, where you have to provide information such as your name, phone number, email address etc. Once the registration process is over, you shall follow these steps to make free calls to any mobile number in country.
  1.       First, dial 080-67683693 from your mobile phone
  2.       Server will disconnect your call after one ring
  3.       Quickly after disconnection, you will receive an automated phone call from FreeKall servers
  4.       During the call, you have to enter the phone number of the person, who you would like to call through it
  5.       Start talking, and be ready to hear advertisements between each 2 minutes of talk

For the time being, FreeKall lets registered users enjoy a daily talk time of 12 minutes, and 3 minutes for those, who have not registered in the website. Nevertheless, once FreeKall is available in its ‘real’ form rather than test phase, it will let all registered users enjoy unlimited talk time every day. In addition, as we had mentioned earlier, FreeKall will also let you make international phone calls without paying, but they are waiting for legal aspects to be cleared.

Since the service does not have requirements such as Smartphone or internet connection, you can use FreeKall with the basic handset of yours. Even if you have a old Nokia feature phone, you can enjoy this feature by dialling number we have provided above.

Let us talk a bit of Business
Although you might be doubtful about the business aspect of this venture, founders of the firm expect a big amount of revenue from this revolutionary service. Currently, expectations of the company add up to 10 million phone calls each day, which will in turn let FreeKall to have revenue of around $30 million soon. Along with India, the company will make the service available in Africa very soon. Therefore, in terms of business as well, FreeKall is ready to follow path of success.

To Wrap Up
We firmly agree that FreeKall is a revolutionary service, especially in a country like India, where using internet-based free call applications are not possible by majority. At the same time, we would like to mention that, if FreeKall comes with enough technical resources and capabilities, the service would be a major threat to mainstream mobile phone carriers.

Leaked iOS 8 Picture Confirms New Apps

While the iPhone users are still enjoying the new features brought to their devices by the iOS 7.1, it is no secret that the next version of the iOS, the iOS 8, is expected to arrive later this year. There has been a lot of speculation regarding what the newest version of the iOS would bring forth. Now, what is believed to be a leaked iOS 8 picture, gives us an idea about what to expect from the new software. It also confirms the speculation about some of the anticipated features.
The picture was shared on the famous Chinese social network, Weibo. It shows us some of the new apps that the iPhone users will be able to see in the iOS 8, and also confirms the reports to some of the apps that we’ve been talking about previously. You can see the leaked iOS 8 picture below.
Leaked iOS 8, ios 8, AppLe, Tech Holics,

The first app that I can’t personally help but notice is the Healthbook. It had been long expected that the iOS 8 will contain features that’ll strongly focus on fitness. The reports claimed that the iOS 8 will let you measure your blood pressure, glucose levels and also the heart rate. The measurements would then be kept as a record in your personal Healthbook that you can view to keep track of your health. Besides these features, it may also have the long awaited iWatch integrated with it. These features were expected to be amalgamated and put into a new app called Healthbook, and there you see it in the leaked iOS 8 picture.
Furthermore, the picture shows us ‘Preview’ and ‘TextEdit’. These two are the iOS versions of the exiting OS X apps that Apple has  already provided for the Mac users. As far as their functionality is concerned, they’re expected to let users view or edit their files that are present in the iCloud.
One more enhancement that can be expected from the iOS 8 would be related to the Apple Maps. Apple Maps have been on the receiving end of a lot of criticism as of late and Apple has plans to completely overhaul the service. This can be an indication of Apple’s desire to go up against the highly acclaimed Google Maps. The new and improved Apple Maps will include the public transit directions which will make the finding of frequently visited locations by the general public more easy.
What the leaked iOS 8 image shows us will surely not be all that the iOS 8 will bring to the table. We’ll let you know more as further details surface while the countdown to the arrival of the iOS 8 continues.

Top 5 Security Solutions for WordPress

ordPress has rapidly grown to becoming the world’s most broadly utilized Content Management System. However, no web site is secured from hacking without having security defense. The most effective measure to safeguard your website from issues of safety is by acquiring a dependable Security Plug-in. The following is our Top 5 security solutions for WordPress.
Security Solutions for WordPress, wordpress plugins, plugins, Wordpress, Better WP Security, Security Ninja,Bulletproof Security, Wordfence, Anti-Malware GOTMLS, Tech Holics,

1# Better WP Security

BWP Security is a cost-free all-in-one security plug-in for WordPress that inspects your site for all kinds of safety openings in the installation of WordPress  and adjusts it in order to protect against your site from getting  hacked. Better WP Security Assists in detecting, preventing, recovering and reviewing your WP website against any kind of harmful hacks. This plug-in is among the most widely used plug-in and a must have In order to maintain your website’s safety.  Few of the key functionalities include banning of bots, blocking brute pressure attacks, full scanning, evaluating site vulnerabilities and applying solutions on how to correct them and turning off the editing options of WordPress theme through the dashboard area for protection.  Frequent updates are available from the plug-in creators and it’s absolutely suitable for the most recent WordPress Version 3.5.1 that make the plug-in setting up process fast and easy.

2# Security Ninja

It is the only paid premium WordPress Security Plugin in this list. The price of this plug-in is totally rationalized and as such it is necessary to include this WP security plug-in in this list. Security Ninja can be obtained from CodeCanyon and contains functions like screening WP website by using 31+ steps for safety concerns and aids in taking preventive steps to have your site completely neat and backed up. Additionally, there are lots of help instructions provided by the plugin that can help in solving most commonly encountered WordPress concerns effortlessly. It is probably the most sold plugins from the Codecanyon Plug-in marketplace and it’s readily available for just $10. It works with the latest WordPressthemes and the creators offer excellent support.

3# Bulletproof Security

Bulletproof protection is another cost-free all-in-one security solution for WordPress.  It  does its work by making your site totally free of really harmful  threats like Code Injection, XSS, RFI,  SQL, CRLF Base64,  and CSRF  Injection hacking. This plug-in remains to be adequately examined by WordPress customers which proves that it should be on our listing of Top 5 WordPress security solution.

4# Wordfence

Wordfence is among the top rated cost-free Security Plug-in for WordPress available in the market right now. Wordfence continues to protect a large number of web sites from internet hackers from its launching. The plug-in is respected by many WordPress fans and this all-in-one plug-in provides functions like anti-virus scanning, firewall scanning, live traffic check and malicious URL scanning. One of the reasons why this plug-in has grown to be huge is because it’s the sole plug-in which can help you restore your website after getting hacked even though you do not have any backup for your website.

5# Anti-Malware GOTMLS

Preven all the Malicious Scripts (GOTMLS) to infect your Word Press site.  As suggested by its name it is a WordPress plugin that allows you to get rid of destructive malware programs out of your web site. Malwares are probably the most commonly encountered reason behind any site being compromised. This plug-in truly does its assignment in the most effective way possible. In addition, it updates you of the newest and very harmful malwares which might be impacting sites worldwide. It also informs you of the safety measures that may help keep you protected from these potential issues. The plug-in updates the thumb edition to protect safety issues and allow you to conduct a speedy or comprehensive scan the WordPress records so that you can determine if many of the WordPress major documents were damaged. The plug-in s totally will work with WordPress 3.5.1.
The AUTHOR is a professional blogger using WordPress as his blogging platform. He loves to write and share his knowledge on blogging with others. He is also a contributing writer to

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