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Apple To Offer Gift Cards To Android-To-iPhone Switchers

After a strong 2015, particularly in terms of iPhone sales, Apple is looking to boost uptake of its prized handset by offering incentives to smartphone owners trading in their Android, Windows Phone, and general non-Apple-running devices. According to a report, Apple Store credit will be offered in exchange for the old devices of prospective iPhone owners, in a concerted push to increase the market share of the smartphone.
The gift cards, which offer store credit as opposed to App Store bucks, will be given to switchers as money off their purchase of an iPhone. It’s a tactic that we’ve seen used on a number of occasions in the past by rivals, notably Microsoft, and will operate as an extension to the current iPhone Reuse and Recycle system whereby users can trade their old iPhone in for a newer model at a discounted rate.
It’s the first time Apple has accepted handsets of other manufacturers, and would seemingly pose a tempting prospect for anybody considering the acquisition of a new iPhone. None of this is confirmed as yet, although 9to5Mac cites sources familiar in its report on the matter, and apparently, the new system should come into play over the next few weeks.
While a switch from any rival is a win for Apple, there’s little question that the Cupertino company is gunning for Google’s Android platform, which enjoys the lion’s portion of market share. The fact that the iPhone is at a premium price bracket has much to do with this – Android devices cover every price point under the sun – but if a user can walk on into an Apple Retail Store and use their Droid as a part-exchange, it’ll surely help Apple on its quest to world domination.

Micromax Canvas Selfie review

Some people call it a fad while some have made it a ritual that follows whatever they do, wherever they are. Before you get your mind running, we'd like to clarify we're talking about the selfie (you're probably living in a cave if you don't know it's a term used for self clicks).

With the rise of the selfie, the humble front camera, which mostly used to be a functional VGA shooter, has now been elevated to a higher position, almost at par with the rear camera.

Indian handset brand Micromax, doesn't want to stay left out and has introduced a phone that's named Selfie, as part of its Canvas line-up. It offers a 13MP front camera and makeup effects, promising to take the selfie experience to the next level. We used the phone for a few weeks to find out if it's a good buy. Here's what we think...

Micromax Canvas Selfie review

12-inch Retina MacBook Can Be Charged With USB Type-C Battery Packs

The new 12-inch Retina MacBook is undoubtedly the hottest notebook to come out of the Apple camp, and the release saw the company turning to the new USB Type-C connector, replacing the company’s own proprietary MagSafe charging solution. Before Apple fans go on a panic spree, it looks like the company will be allowing users to charge the new MacBook with external battery packs, as well as third party USB Type-C based chargers. Head over the jump for further details.
According to a report by 9to5Mac, the inclusion of the new USB Type-C connector on the 12-inch Retina MacBook could spell a new era of accessory support. Regarding the types of accessories the MacBook would support through USB Type-C, the report says, “The short and amazing answer is that most accessories supporting the USB Type-C specifications should work with your new MacBook,” further suggesting that Apple will not be blocking specific third-party accessories on the notebook. Basically, any battery solution that meets the USB Power Delivery specifications should easily be able to charge the MacBook without running into Apple blockades, but the external battery will need to be able to push enough energy to effectively charge the machine.
MacBook USB C
Earlier, with the MagSafe chargers, portable charging was something that eluded most MacBook users, and while the USB Type-C inclusion was met with much skepticism when announced, this possibility of portable charging could pretty much lay that to rest all by itself. Interestingly, the inclusion of the USB Type-C connector has also opened up the possibility of connecting other accessories as well, including 4K displays using a DisplayPort Alt Mode. Apple has not allowed companies to release their own accessories with MagSafe, where the Cupertino giant has taken any such adventures to court, though there have been the occasional slip-ups.

MacBook Air, 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro Refreshed: Here Are The Details

As well as unleashing the all-new 12-inch Retina MacBook, both the pre-existing models have been treated to a customary refresh. Both the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display and the MacBook Air have been afforded a solid processor bump while certain models of the former will also be adopting the all-new Force Touch trackpad, and there are a couple of other welcome features to boot. Full lowdown after the fold.
Having been well and truly astounded by the introduction of the new MacBook, it’s hard to muster the required energy to consider what now seems antiquated. But while some suspected that the new MacBook would replace the Air – it is, after all, an Air in the unofficial sense – both it and the Retina MacBook Pro have joined in with today’s proceedings.
Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 1.13.01 am
Like most MacBook refreshes, both the MacBook Air and 13-inch Retina Pro include fifth-gen Intel i5 and i7 processors right off the bat, as well as Thunderbolt 2 ports. Since both older models have a bit more real estate to play around with, Apple thankfully hasn’t gone for the one-port configuration with wither the Air or the Pro, although given the company’s obsession with down-scaling things, don’t be surprised if the other MacBooks follow the lead of the 12-inch variant in future releases.

Apple Watch Price And Release Date Announced

Apple has officially unveiled Apple Watch price and release date for all the models. For the complete run-down, head past the jump.
So far, we only knew that the Apple Watch would start at $349 for the base model, which is the Apple Watch Sport edition, and that too for the smaller 38mm casing. Today Apple has taken the lid off the pricing structure, and we now know clearly how much we’ll be going to spend to get our hands on the model which we have had eyes on since its official announcement back in September, along with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
Apple Watch fitness main
Since the Apple Watch’s original announcement back in September, nothing has changed at all, and at today’s event, Apple simply rehashed what it had revealed back then. But the thing which had been a focal point for a lot of time was battery life, and today Apple revealed that its new wearable would last an entire day on a single charge – 18 hours to be more precise.

Ero Advertising Review - Best Adult Ads Network

Ero Ads is an Adult Advertising European company. Which was Founded in January 2006 in Netherlands. Since it’s establishment Ero advertising is very Successful company With More than 55000 Publisher Generating Over 2 billion Views per day.
This is one of the leading Advertising company in adult Ads industry which work for all platforms and webmaster can monetize there web and mobile traffic easily. Advertiser have a great Scope to display there ads all around the globe.

Website :

EroAdvertising revolutionary technology boosts your online advertising performance by providing new ways to add impact and relevance quickly and easy. Set Up a EroAdvertising campaign within a few minutes and increase your ranking and visibility already today.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Catches Fire While Sitting Idle On A Desk

Luckily we have never had a smartphone catch fire, but it looks like we’re in the minority these days, as we see more and more reports of consumer electronics getting a little too warm for their own good.
Another week, another report of a smartphone catching fire seemingly of its own accord. This time the culprit is a Samsung Galaxy S5 which was, until recently, the firm’s flagship smartphone.
Galaxy S5 fire main
The report comes from Reddit where a user claims that he was out running errands when his white Galaxy S5 caught fire. The interesting thing? The phone wasn’t in his pocket or even on charge at home – it was sat on a desk, doing nothing in particular.
The photos provided of the offending Galaxy S5 show clear fire damage, though we’ve seen much worse. Normally, these cases are linked to the phone’s owner using a third-party battery or charging solution, but we are told that neither was the case here. If that is indeed true and a Galaxy S5 has spontaneously combusted even after being used with nothing but official accessories then things start to get even more interesting.
Of course, interesting isn’t the word the owner of said smartphone would use. According to the Reddit thread, he still owes T-Mobile $400 for the device, though we wouldn’t be surprised if some deal can be done here even if the handset is out of warranty. You can’t have phones catching fire of their own accord now, can you?
It’s likely we will never know quite how this unfortunate occurrence came about, but the reason doesn’t really matter if you’re sat with a burnt smartphone that you can’t use. Here’s hoping this Reddit user gets something sorted out without too much hassle!

Android Wear iOS App Compatibility For iPhone And iPad In The Works

Google is working on Android Wear iOS app for iPhone and iPad compatibility, making its smartwatch platform work fully with Apple’s iOS. More details on the matter can be found here.
This development is possibly one of the biggest news to surface ahead of the Apple Watchrelease in April, as the Cupertino giant prepares to announce the various features of its smartwatch at its ‘Spring forward’ media event on the 9th of March. The report comes in from a French technology publishing, which talks about Google’s intention on announcing this development at its I/O developer conference in late May, where the one month gap would give the search engine giant some time to analyze the sales of the Apple Watch, which could affect its take on the matter.
Moto 360 main
There has already been a slight low key development in this regard on the third-party front, where an Android developer was able to get his iPhone to push notifications to a Moto 360 smartwatch over Bluetooth LE. Interestingly, the iPhone does not need to be jailbroken, and the Moto 360 was just running a mere APK to make the magic happen, which leads us to believe that Google can actually pull this off without much fuss.

What To Expect From 2015 Apple Spring Forward Event

Apple has already confirmed its ‘Spring forward’ media event on March 9th, and while the focal point is almost certain to be the Apple Watch, there are plenty other announcements and roll-outs in the offing as well. Here, we take a run through what may or may not be unveiled in little over a week’s time.
Spring forward what to expect main
Apple Watch Details
With Apple Watch, it’s not so much a will they, won’t they as a they definitely will, but unlike usual keynote events, the guesswork isn’t in trying to predict the product itself. After September’s showcasing alongside the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the company’s inaugural smartwatch is very much en route to market, and on March 9th, we’re merely hoping that Apple can nail down some of the key details.

Samsung's iPhone 6 rivals Galaxy S6, S6 Edge

Samsung has gone for a total reboot of its smartphone line with yesterday's unveiling of Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge smartphones. The smartphones are similar in design to the models launched since September last year, but you would be hard pressed to believe that they are part of the same family that spawned Galaxy S5 and S3.

We spent some time with the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge at the showcase event to see whether the two new smartphones are worth the hype and if these can be the iPhone challengers that Samsung desperately needs them to be... Here's what we think:

Samsung has upped the pixel density on Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge to the highest among all smartphones by slapping 2K (1440x2560p) resolution on their 5.1-inch displays. We believe that this exercise is not of much value since the pixel density on Full HD screens (1080x1920p) is high enough, and a 2K panel doesn't add much to the experience.

In terms of quality, both SuperAMOLED displays offer excellent sharpness, viewing angles and contrast. We can't give a judgement on sunlight legibility until we get a review unit that we can around under direct sunlight. Samsung has been able to balance the colours a little more over last year's Galaxy S5, so the greenish tinge of AMOLED screens is a lot less noticeable now, though we still won't say that it is completely gone.

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Samsung's iPhone 6 rivals Galaxy S6, S6 Edge

Apple Will Live Stream March 9th ‘Spring Forward’ Event, Here’s How You Can Watch It

A short while ago, Apple confirmed the widely-suspected notion that it would soon be holding a special media event, having just sent out invitations for a gathering at the Yerba Buena on March 9th. Most of the time, these keynotes are beamed out to the masses, although occasionally, Apple does surprise us by not streaming live. In this instance, though, interested parties will be able to follow the thrills and spills of the ‘Spring forward’ event as it happens, with Apple having just confirmed that live streams will be available.
Apple Watch is expected to be the showpiece, although it won’t, strictly speaking, be the first time we’ve clapped eyes on the wearable. A mini-launch occurred alongside the iPhone 6 back in September, and to many, the wearable stole the show. One thing that Apple did get wrong that day was the live stream, which was pretty abysmal, so let’s hope that the second-coming of Apple Watch isn’t hindered by similar technical glitches.
Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 1.37.55 am
The finer details of the live stream, such as which devices and platforms will be supported, have not been disclosed, although this information only usually comes to light a short while before events commence. As a rule, Apple generally beams coverage through its iOS device range via Safari, as well as Macs and the Apple TV, and as March 9th draws closer, we’ll have an article covering exactly what you’ll need to do if you’d like to follow every moment.
After the Apple Watch teaser that occurred last year, we’re expecting a more in-depth look at the wrist gadget that everyone’s talking about. Pricing will be a key aspect to the success of the range in general, and while the starting price for the base-level model sits at $349, there’s no telling what Apple may charge for the higher-end variants.

How To Jailbreak iOS 8.2 Beta 2 And 1 With TaiG

TaiG iOS 8.2 jailbreak has been released for beta 1 and beta 2. Here’s a complete tutorial on how to jailbreak any iPhone or iPad on iOS 8.2.
Apple recently dropped iOS 8.1.3, and with it, temporarily killed the idea of achieving a jailbreak for those who updated. However, there is a way for those of you running the latest public release of Apple’s software to jailbreak, and although it’ll probably take you slightly longer than usual, it’s nonetheless a straightforward process.
iOS 8.1.2 is the latest jailbreakable public release, but while downgrading is not a possibility, TaiG does have some joy on iOS 8.2 beta 1 and 2, meaning that you can update to the first or second beta of the upcoming build and utilize the fruits of Cydia once more.
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There is, however, no easy way to get hold of the iOS 8.2 beta 1 or beta 2 software; that’s the bit you’ll have to do on your own. However, if you are on iOS 8.1.3 and would still like to jailbreak your device, the added good news is that, somewhat unusually, iOS 8.2 beta 2 has no expiration date. This means, in theory, that once you have iOS 8.2 beta 2 in your possession, you’ve always got an option to jailbreak, and so without further ado, here’s how it’s done.

Download iOS 8.3 Beta 2 For iPhone And iPad

Apple has just released download links of iOS 8.3 beta 2 build exactly two weeks after releasing first beta of iOS 8.3. Details on what’s new, and how to get it is detailed below.
The arrival of the inaugural iOS 8.3 beta just two weeks ago was surprising to many, especially given that iOS 8.2 is also currently being prepared for public consumption. It’s certainly an unusual step on Apple’s part, although with iOS 8.4 said to be headed to market before iOS 9 arrives in the fall, it’s fair to say that the traditional cycle of software development and release has been sped up this time around. As a part of this ongoing process, iOS 8.3 beta 2 is now available to download, and if you’re a registered developer, you can grab it up right away.
Download iOS 8.3 Beta 2, Download iOS 8.3 Beta 2 For iPhone, Download iOS 8.3 Beta 2 For iPad, iOS 8.3 Beta 2, AppLe, iPhone, iPad,
As we covered in the news of the first beta’s release, iOS 8.3 offers quite a few new features to the table – the most noteworthy of those features being Wireless CarPlay. Introduced a year ago along with iOS 7.1, CarPlay’s roll-out has been a gradual process thus far, and for those early adopters, iOS 8.3’s arrival will offer a wireless solution allowing users to do away with their Lightning cables.

RevenueHits Review

Blogging is an art which gives you huge fame and money and that’s it is becoming such prolific career option these days. Many Youngsters are getting a lot out of it even before going into Colleges.
But, that’s also a truth that.. A lot youngsters are failing to get success in their blogging careers and the main reason behind their failure is “lack of monetization opportunities”. Because they can’t get an Adsense Account approved. So, they look into some Adsense Alternatives and then, literally quit blogging after they fail to find any alternative to Adsense.
But, Today I am introducing “Money Making Heaven for Blogger”. It is RevenueHits Ad Network. All those who can’t get the Google Adsense Account, can Apply for Revenue Hits and Make a very Good Amount of income from any kind of traffic.
Want to know more about this ad network? Let me explain it briefly.

Plugrush Review and Payment Proof

What is Plugrush and it’s History

Plugrush is an “next Generation Traffic Ad Network” to Buy, Sell and Trade Adult Traffic. This is also Adult Traffic Monetization Program which uses customizable widgets to display advertisement and content in a new innovative way.
PlugRush is owned and managed by JMT Nordic AS, a Norwegian privately owned company, which was founded in late 2007 and its VAT ID is 993274585. The original concept was to let people trade Adult traffic automatically, correctly without wasting lots of time doing it. “This Innovative idea became very popular among adult webmasters. That opened new door for plugrush to enter into next level which allows buying and selling traffic. Today Adult webmasters can trade traffic, buy or sell web traffic, buy or sell mobile traffic easily and quickly with one account”
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Plugrush Review: The next generation traffic exchange network

Juicy Ads Review | JuicyAds Increase Earnings Trick

Earning money online has always been an attraction for upcoming webmasters, and most of them often start by registering as a publisher with advertising companies. Juicy Ads ( has been one of the best adult advertisement companies since quite a long time now. If you are selling their ads but are not able to generate sufficient income, even after having a great adult website, then you have come to the right article. Today I will be revealing the untold secrets of earning more with Juicy ads.

In this article wherever the term ‘website’ is referenced it refers to ‘adult website’ so read this article only if you have an Adult website. Ok so, websites can be broadly classified into two types as follows :
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Join JuicyAds to Monetize your Adult Content

Websites with small number of visitors who browse lots of pages.
Websites with large number of visitors who browse hardly few pages.

Optimizing your website to earn more from juicy ads depends on what category your website belongs to. I’ve been working with Juicy Ads for over a year and a half now. In earlier stages it had been a disappointment for me to notice how small income I was generating even after having great traffic and good visitor loyalty. But as time progressed I found out my (website’s) weaknesses and overcame them to generate good amount of revenue from those same websites.

Juicy Ads allows the publisher to sell ads in 4 basic types :

Pop-under ads
Mobile Redirecting Ads
Floating Ads
Banner Ads
I will be focusing on each of these types and revealing how to optimize each of them to generate more revenue fromJuicy Ads.


Chitika - Best Google Adsense Alternative | Chitika Payment Proof

Chitika is a yet to grow ad network that is best for blogs which are disapproved by google adsense , and don’t have any other options to monetize it’s content. It was around the corner from many years with out any improvement towards the publishers favor , but gained popularity as an alternative to the top ad network which I already said.
Chitika - Best Google Adsense Alternative
Chitika - Best Google Adsense Alternative...  Join Now...
I have scene in many forums and discussion boards that lots of people asking : Is chitika a scam ? Anyone received payments from them and how much you make with chitika ?. My answer for all the above question is ‘ It varies with user to user and blog to blog ‘.

What Is Chitika ?

As I already said chitika is a famous ad network that pays their publishers according to CPM and PPC systems. I mean you can earn for both ad clicks as well as unique impressions. Newly they also introduced an affiliate system through the same ads known as conversions.

How Chitika Works ?

The advertisements served by them are very sensitive to the keywords of the particular pages. When a person searches ‘ Chitika review ‘ in google and then reaches this post , an ad related to chitika products will be shown to him. I think now you understood the working nature of chitika.
In case of a direct view of the ad , they may show a blank one or an ad from answered questions dot com. You might already knows it if you are a publisher of chitika.

Types Of Ads

Chitika stays on the first position when it comes to the ad types. They are providing the below ad types for their publishers :

Text Ads :

So, these are the most powerful ads in these days that can be displayed to any operating system. Text ads keep the information outside as a title for blog post, that’s why we can expect more clicks for these stuff.

List unit Ads :

In chitika , I don’t use these ads as they appear like we are blogging for just generating income. That means they occupy most of the place in the sidebar and leaves a clumsy impact on the visitor. We have an option to display upto 3 to 9 text ads in a list, which I don’t recommend.

Mobile Ads :

Now a days the number of mobile internet users are increased by a great extent , so we required to monetize the mobile traffic too to maximize our earnings. In chitika , the mobile ads appear as a small size banners about click to download tools, facebook and anyother thing.

How much Chitika Pays ?

I think this question has been asked for a million times in the Internet, but sadly there is no exact answer for it. They pay around $0.30-$3.00 for each thousand views . You may confuse with the huge difference, in fact your earnings depends on the country from where you are receiving the traffic. If your blog has a good amount of visitors from UK,USA and Canada, then you got the jackpot.
Now coming to the pay per click ads, which are disastrous to think about. I think chitika pays around one cent for each click we receive from our traffic.
Chitika has a nice referral system for their publishers , which makes 10% of referral earnings upto one year.
After reaching the minimum amount of $10 we can make payout to our paypal, but in case of a check it takes $50 to withdraw.

Payment Proof :

Chitika - Best Google Adsense Alternative | Chitika Payment Proof

Chitika - Best Google Adsense Alternative | Chitika Payment Proof

My Final Chitika Review

Overally it’s not an ad network that makes you rich quickly, but it can help atleast to pay our domain or hosting bills. If you are approved to google adsense , then please forget about chitika. I wrote this review on chitika to help my co-bloggers to make a little income who are not into google adsense.
Chitika - Best Google Adsense Alternative...  Join Now...

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Clicksor Review with Payment Proof

Clicksor is a contextual ad serving program which is one of the best Adsense alternatives(from my personal experience), especially for the entertainment blogs. The only disadvantage of Clicksor is the pop-up ads that annoy the user, but this can be reduced by increasing the frequency gap from 1 to 10 in Ad set up so that only a single pop-up is displayed for every 10 page views.
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Make Money With Clicksor... Click Here...

Clicksor Review

Benefits of Clicksor Publisher Program

  • Fast Payment: They pay once every 15 days and the minimum payout is $50. Modes of payment include “Check, PayPal, Wired Transfer”.
    Revenue Share: Clicksor gives you a revenue share of 85% which is again a wonderful option.
  • Set Up Alternate Ads: Don’t want to show ads of low CPC/CPM? You can simply opt to show your default ads instead of low CPM/CPC ads, so that you have no unsold traffic.
  • Referral Income: You get additional income of 10% every time a publisher/Advertiser is referred by you to Clicksor’s network. You can as well earn 10% commission of daily earnings from referred publishers and daily advertising spending by the referred advertisers, for the first one year.

ExoClick Review with Payment Proof

ExoClick is an Open ad network which has been around since 2006 founded by Benjamin Fonzé.

ExoClick has a Base of Quality Advertisers and Publishers on their Network Using EXADS Technology which provides advanced Options of Targeting and Re-Targeting Ads to Targeted  Audience.
ExoClick Review with Payment Proof
Join Now to Monetize Your Aduld Traffic

How ExoClick Operates?
ExoClick is Based on EXADS Technology which provides advanced options to Advertisers to Reach Targeted Audience by Website’s Keywords , categories , etc. This Technology Makes Sure Both Advertiser and Publishers are Happy as Advertiser are showing Their Ads to Best Audience and Publishers are Getting Most Relevant Ads on their websites from Quality Advertisers. ExoClick Also Provides Good Referral system as they pay 5% Lifetime Revenue From Publisher’s Referrals. 


Infolinks is the Best Alternative to Google Adsense | Infolinks Payment Proof

Infolinks is one of the most popular in-textual advertising programs that help to monetize your website and start making money. It is indeed the #1 alternative to Google AdSense that provides quality service to its publishers. Do you know that you can easily add Infolinks to your blogger site and start earning fairly decent money from it? Today in this article, we will show you Why Infolinks is the Best Alternative to AdSense?
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Alternative to Google Adsense... Join now

What is Infolinks?

Infolinks is leading in-textual advertising program that is solely made for bloggers and webmasters to monetize their text content with relevant link based ads to earn from their website.

Infolinks is a FREE-TO-USE platform that handles all of the advertisers on its own, all you have to do is to install the Infolinks widget on your site and start counting money that your site is making. Infolinks team maintains a strong relationship with its publisher by organizing giveaways on festive occasions.

Infolinks offers CPC (Cost per click) program which means you are making money for each and every link ad click on your site. The rates of earning various from country to country, however a click from USA and European countries always gives decent earning.
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