WordPress 4.2.3 Security Update Released, Patches Critical Vulnerability

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WordPress has just released the new version of its content management system (CMS), WordPress version 4.2.3, to fix a critical security vulnerability that could have been exploited by hackers to take over websites, affecting the security of its Millions of sites.

WordPress version 4.2.3 resolves a Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) flaw that could allow any user with the Contributor or Author role to compromise a website, Gary Pendergast of the WordPress team wrote in a blog post on Thursday.

Cross-site scripting is actually a vulnerability in the Web applications' code that opens up the target website to attacks. The vulnerability is one of the most favorite and commonly used flaws by cyber criminals.

According to the company, the vulnerability could allow hackers to embed maliciously-crafted HTML, JavaScript, Flash, or other code to bypass WordPress's kses protection by fooling users into executing a malicious script on their computer system.

This, in turn, leads to the collection of users' sensitive data, including cookies stored on their systems.

Use of Pinterest and snapchat To gain dedicated Readers for your site

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In an era where social media is the king-size player in the game of content sharing and traffic building, there are plenty of entrants every now and then, which when utilized in the right sense can buy us with dedicated customers and loyal readers. the two factors mentioned above are the lifeline for the thriving of your online business/blog. Apart from the social titans like Facebook, Google plus and our beloved twitter, there are plenty others emerging to have a share of the loaf of bread. Pinterest and Snapchat are relatively newer still marking their footsteps steadily. we can utilliise pinterest to gain a sure shot do follow link from the high PR site. here’s how.
Follow the following step
1.Login to your pinterst account
2.Go to settings page, edit
3.Under the website section enter your website address and click on verify

How to make the most of Android Smartphones

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Android smartphones have been ruling the game since quite a few times now. The fact that shows the popularity of android OS is though the OS was built as an mobile OS its popularity has lured many PC makers to start up their products with dual OS one being Android for sure. If you like change, you like new and You like to keep things the way you like then android fits your bill. Android is filled with options and customizations that any other OS doesn’t ever dare to hand over to you. Yes I am talking about the IOS (or Windows) that barely allows you to change anything on your phone than the wall paper.  Customizations and preferences are the things that make you the the proud owner of an Android phone and you can turn it into an workhorse. Today, I am bringing you certain tips and tricks to make the most of your android smartphone’s potential.



Android has a whole plethora of apps you need and believe me you will find multiple apps for every single query you make. Download the most useful apps of your tool box and then you are good to go. Must have, android apps include a browser (chrome or Firefox, there are more to play with), photo editing tools(pixlr express, instagram), social apps like Facebook, twitter (You already have Google Plus preinstalled) etc.
If you are a blogger you might download apps like Blogger, WordPress, dictionary.com, dropbox, etc.
Note taking apps include Evernote, Google Keep, microsotf’s onenote to name a few.
To do list apps like Any.DO, cal, n’4get reminder and many more.


What IOS users get jealous of android, the launchers that make your phone a new one every morning, Personally I get tired of eating that same rice and dal everyday and I wish to switch to different dishes every other day. The best launchers include premium ones like Next launcher and freemium ones with GO Launcher, and ADW launcher the best.
organize home screen

Top seven must know tips to save android battery life

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Android phones have been the one of most used phones in the world. At Google I/O 2014the company revealed that there were over 1 billion active monthly android users (that have been active for 30 days) up from 538 million in June 2013.
But with the easiness comes some problems too. Many of us have an issue of android being battery hungry and search for the tips to save battery life of android smartphones. Most android phones irrespective of make and brands drain off the battery juice within 6-8 hours of standard use which worsens with the advent of more heavy apps and extensive use. Android phones have been criticized for decreasing battery lives with age. This post is gives you a guide on tips to save android battery life.
Several questions surface on how to save android battery life, which are the most battery hogging android apps etc. So, if you are one of those smartphone lover that makes you carry a charger or look for sockets during crucial times here is the perfect post.

How To Put Your Instagram Feed In iOS Notification Center

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Having originally started with a relatively humble photo sharing app, Instagram had morphed into a massive online community even before Facebook bought it, and now it’s the place to go if you want to share that cute cat picture, especially if you want to then share that across multiple social networks. The problem with Instagram though, and it’s a problem with all social networks, you find yourself checking it far too often, and that starts to get annoying for other people. And we’re all guilty of it.
But what if we told you that you could check Instagram from your iPhone’s Lock Screen? Sounds good right? Oh, and you can do it for free, too. That sounds even better!
Feeday, which can bee downloaded for free from the App Store right now, does exactly that. Once installed and plugged with your Instagram credentials, Feeday will take your Instagram feed and put it into the iOS Notification Center as a widget, meaning you can get your Instagram fix no matter which app you are using, and in fact even when your iPhone is locked. If you just can’t get enough of Instagram and your friends and family are tired of watching you check the app all day, then Feeday may just save you from getting any more dirty looks from them. And that’s never a bad thing.
If you want to just see one image in your Feeday feed then the app won’t cost you a penny, but a $0.99 in-app purchase will unlock the ability to see multiple images at once – something that’s a steal for the most discerning Instagram addict!
Interestingly, Feeday’s App Store description also says that an Apple Watch element is on its way, so if that sounds like something that will float your boat then Feeday may well be the app for you – especially given that cheap or indeed free price.
screen322x572 (1)
You can download Feeday from here. Works with both iPhone and iPad.

Apple Airs New ‘If It’s Not An iPhone, It’s Not An iPhone’ Ad Showing Amazing Apps

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Apple has continued its “if it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone” marketing campaign by releasing a third ad in the series via its official YouTube account. Cupertino company’s first two videos in the new marketing offensive involved one ad focused on the fact that Apple makes both the hardware and software to work together harmoniously, with the second commercial proclaiming that the iPhone comes with something “different” to other phones in an ad entitled “Love”. this latest release, entitled “Amazing Apps”, focuses on the plethora of applications available for iOS devices.
Today’s 30-second commercial is yet another example of the company attempting to convince users of why its iPhone is ahead of the competition by outlining exclusive smartphone features and benefits that it believes can’t be found on other platforms. Apple has always been proud of not only the hardware that it produces, but also the underlying operating system and additional third-party apps that are offered through the App Store. The Amazing Apps ad goes some way to showcasing the mind-blowing amount of titles available to owners of iPhones and iPads.
Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 6.45.16 PM
The “Amazing Apps” commercial is visually and audibly identical to the previous two ads in the “if it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone” campaign. Apple may have seemingly made a conscious decision to move away from the emotive, heartwarming commercials that it has become known for over recent years, but it’s still continuing with advertising videos that are immediately recognisable as Apple creations. The catchy, funky tune over the top of the video is yet again accompanied by a narration that informs the user of the video’s message:

Samsung Announces Galaxy Tab S2, Its Thinnest, Lightest Tablet To Date

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It seems that Samsung is all about the design at the moment. After delighting the Asian market with the introduction of the extremely thin Galaxy A8 last week, the South Korean company has now offered the same level of attention to a new set of tablet devices. The unveiling of the Galaxy Tab S2, which replaces last year’s Tab S, represents Samsung’s thinnest tablet devices in the history of the company and even offer a sleeker profile than that of Apple’s thinnest iPad, the iPad Air 2.
Judging by Samsung’s hardware releases over the last twelve months it certainly seems that the company is now starting to place a lot of focus on the aesthetics of its devices. The previous philosophy of serving up premium technical specifications forced inside of what felt like a budget exterior obviously brought some success to the company, but thankfully those days seem to be in the past. At just 5.6mm thick, the new Galaxy Tab S2 set of tablets not only look fantastic and lightweight but also come in a number of configurations to cater to all tastes.
Galaxy-Tab-S2 main
This year’s second-generation tablet offerings will be served up with two size configurations, an 8-inch and 9.7-inch variant, which weigh in at 265 grams and 389 grams respectively. It’s immediately evident from those external and weight measurements that the devices will peak the interest of those looking for an extremely portable Android tablet. Both devices will ship with a Super AMOLED display offering up a 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution. Both variations of the S2 will also ship with an octo-core processor built to work harmoniously with Android Lollipop 5.0.

Phishing Your Employees: Clever way to Promote Cyber Awareness

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Employees are the weakest link when it comes to enterprise security, and unfortunately hackers realized this years ago. All an attacker needs to use some social engineering tactics against employees of companies and organizations they want to target.

A massive 91% of successful data breaches at companies started with a social engineering and spear-phishing attack. A phishing attack usually involves an e-mail that manipulates a victim to click on a malicious link that could then expose the victim’s computer to a malicious payload.

So what is the missing link to manage the problem of employees being Social engineered?

The answer is very simple – Educate your Employees and reinforce good security procedures at the same time.


Phish your Employees!

Yes, you heard me right… by this I mean that you should run a mock phishing campaign in your organization and find out which employees would easily fall victim to the phishing emails. Then step everyone through Internet Security Awareness Training.

In our previous articles, we introduced Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training 2015 that specializes in making sure employees understand the mechanisms of phishing, spear phishing, spam, malware and social engineering, and are then able to apply this knowledge in their day-to-day job.

Hacking Team and Boeing Built Cyber Weaponized Drones to Spy on Targets

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The leaked internal emails from the Italian surveillance software company Hacking Team have revealed that the spyware company developed a robotic aircraft designed to attack computers and smartphone devices through Wi-Fi networks.

Over a year ago, some security researchers developed a drone called 'Snoopy' that was capable to intercept data from users' Smartphones through spoofed wireless networks.

Now, the email conversations posted on WikiLeaks website reveal that both Boeing and Hacking Team want unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVS) called Drones to carry out attacks that inject spyware into target computers or mobile phones via WiFi.

Hacking Team and Boeing Built Cyber Weaponized Drones to Spy on Targets
After attending the International Defense Exposition and Conference (IDEX) in Abu Dhabi in February 2015, the U.S. drone company Boeing subsidiary Insitu become interested in using surveillance drones to deliver Hacking Team's Remote Control System Galileo for even more surveillance.

WhatsApp, Viber and Skype Internet Calls may No Longer be FREE in India

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We all are aware of Net Neutrality and the recent controversies over it in India. Net Neutrality is simply the Internet Freedom — Free, Fast and Open Internet for all. 

India has been battling for Net Neutrality since zero-rating services such as Facebook’s Internet.org and Airtel Zero were announced.

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has now released a much-awaited report [PDF] on the Net Neutrality issue, recommending the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) to regulate the voice calls conducted by the Internet users of over-the-top (OTT) services.

WhatsApp, Viber and Skype Internet Calls may No Longer be FREE in India

Over 100 pages-long report details the DoT's understanding of Net Neutrality Principles, which has been criticized by consumer groups because it could End Free domestic voice calls offered by apps like WhatsApp and Skype.

The Report says, "the core principles of net neutrality must be adhered to," and user rights on the Internet need to be protected, so that the Telecom Service Providers (TSP) do not able to restrict their ability to access any service on the Internet.

Like It Or Not... You Can't Disable Windows 10 Automatic Updates

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Windows 10 is all set to launch on July 29 and will also be available on USB drives for purchase in retail channels.

So, if you are planning to install Windows 10 Home, one thing you must keep in your mind – You wish or not, the software updates for Microsoft’s new operating system will be mandatory.

Microsoft is planning to make a significant change to its software update policy by "removing the option to DISABLE software updates in Windows 10 Home".

This clearly indicates that all users of Windows operating system must agree to allow Microsoft to install software updates automatically.


In Windows 8.1, users get four options for Windows Update's behavior, which include:
  • Download and Install Windows Updates Automatically
  • Download Windows Updates automatically but Choose when to Install them
  • Check for Updates but Choose when to Download and Install them
  • Never check for, Download, or Install Updates
From a Security point of view, the last option, i.e. never to download or install updates, is not at all recommended by either the company or the security experts. However, the option is still there if Windows users really need it.

Hacker Earns 1.25 Million Free Frequent Flyer Miles On United Airlines

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What if you get 1 Million Frequent Flyer Miles for Free? Yes, 1 Million Air Miles…

…I think that would be enough for several first-class trips to Europe or up to 20 round-trips in the United States.

Two Computer Hackers have earned more than 1 Million frequent-flyer miles each from United Airlines for finding multiple security vulnerabilities in the Airline's website.

Back in May this year, Chicago-based 'United Airlines' launched a bug bounty program and invited security researchers and bug hunters to find and report security vulnerabilities in its websites, software, apps and web portals.

Jordan Wiens, a security researcher from Florida and one of two bounty winners, tweeted last week that he earned United Airlines' top reward of 1 Million Miles for finding a flaw that could have allowed a hacker to seize control of one of the airline's websites.

Hacker Earns 1.25 Million Free Frequent Flyer Miles On United Airlines
Wiens is not allowed to disclose the technical details regarding the vulnerabilities, but in an email Interview , Jordan Wiens told that he earned total 1,250,000 Million Frequent Flyer Miles under United Airlines' Bug bounty program.

iPod touch 6 vs iPod touch 5 vs iPhone 6

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Apple’s newly released and much needed update to the iPod touch has seen the much maligned music and baby iPhone receive a new lease of life, once again making it a viable alternative for those that don’t want a cellular plan but like the idea of using iOS on something smaller than an iPad. We’re not sure why it’s taken Apple so long to get an update out the door, but now it’s here the iPod touch is worth consideration once again.
With that consideration inevitably comes comparison, not just with the iPod touch that came before it, but also the current flagship iPhone, the iPhone 6. Here we take a look at all three devices, comparing them across a range of features and specifications so you can see just how improved the new iPod touch 6 is compared to the old one and, importantly, how it compares with the iPhone 6 as well.
iPod touch 6, iPod touch 5, iPhone 6, iPod touch 6 vs iPod touch 5 vs iPhone 6, AppLe, Tech Holics,
Covering the dimensions of the device, its weight and screen size, the comparison also covers less tangible differences such as CPU speed and the amount of RAM the devices carry.

iPhone 6s Plus Rear Shell Leaked, Reveals Stronger Body Structure

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New photos have emerged on the Internet today that claim to show the rear casing of Apple’s next-generation iPhone. The leaked component is purported to be an official rear casing directly from Apple’s iPhone 6s production line.
What’s interesting here are the individuals who have allegedly had a hands-on experience with the component and are suggesting that it is clearly manufactured from a material that is significantly stronger than the rear shell of its predecessor, the iPhone 6 Plus. This would make perfect sense considering the amount of trouble that initially befell the iPhone 6 Plus when certain users claimed the device would bend when placed into a pocket.
iPhone 6s Plus main
The alleged official casing was obtained and shared with the world by Future Supplier. As we have expected for quite some time, the original leakers have confirmed from the casing that not a great deal has changed. As shown in the photos, a number of screw holes have been moved to suit the internal placement of components that will ship inside of the iPhone 6s Plus. Aside from those small cosmetic internal differences, there isn’t a massive amount of change to see here. The actual external structure of the casing is pretty much identical to that of the current-generation iPhone 6 Plus.

Apple And Samsung In Talks With Carriers To Bring e-SIM Solution To Phones

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Apple is reportedly planning to introduce an Apple SIM-like solution for the iPhone lineup, and is already in talks with various cellular carriers to make it happen. That’s not all, it appears that Samsung is also part of these talks looking to bring an e-SIM solution to its own Galaxy lineup of devices.
When Apple announced the iPad Air 2 last year with the Apple SIM, it literally took consumers by surprise given how easy it made to shift from one carrier to another. What was not surprising however, was the lack of true support from carriers, with only three players supporting Apple’s e-SIM solution. With the device in question being a tablet, the limited carrier options were not much of a concern, but the Apple SIM ship will have to be boarded by more than just a handful of carriers if it is to be a success on the iPhone.
It remains unclear if the iPhone 6s / 6s Plus will be launched with the Apple SIM, though rumors and unconfirmed reports have put an e-SIM – amongst other changes – in the upcoming smartphone. Last year when Greg Joswiak was asked about Apple’s plan for pushing the Apple SIM to iPhones, he explained that the solution was more needed on the iPad given that the range of tablets are sold at Apple Stores and through non-carrier channels, unlike the iPhone where majority of the sales are recorded through carrier channels rather than Apple itself.

Angry Birds 2 Is Set For Release On July 30th

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It’s going to be “bigger, badder, and birdier” and it’s coming to a mobile platform near you on July 30th. Yes, that’s right, mobile game developer Rovio has just announced via its official Twitter account that there is an Angry Birds 2 in the making and it will be available to download at the end of the month.
Rovio has historically done a stand up job of keeping its internal projects secret and this time around has proven no different. Aside from the fact that the soon-to-be-released title will capitalize on the success of the original Angry Birds franchise, we know very little about what Angry Birds 2 will bring to the small screen. The Finnish mobile behemoth is promising that Angry Birds 2 will be “the mother of all sequels,” but we as yet don’t know which platforms it will launch on, the pricing strategy for the game, or anything else for that matter. Other than that, it will be “birdier” of course.

Hacking Team Spyware preloaded with UEFI BIOS Rootkit to Hide Itself

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Last Week someone just hacked the infamous Hacking Team, The Italy-based cyber weapons manufacturer and leaked a huge trove of 400GB internal data, including:

  • Emails
  • Hacking tools
  • Zero-day exploits
  • Surveillance tools
  • Source code for Spyware
  • A spreadsheet listing every government client with date of purchase and amount paid

Hacking Team is known for its advanced and sophisticated Remote Control System (RCS) spyware, also known as Galileo, which is loaded with lots of zero-day exploits and have ability to monitor the computers of its targets remotely.

How Hacking Team and FBI planned to Unmask A Tor User

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The huge cache of internal files recently leaked from the controversial Italian surveillance software company Hacking Team has now revealed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)purchased surveillance software from the company.

The leaked documents contains more than 1 Million internal emails, including emails from FBI agent who wanted to unmask the identity of a user of Tor, the encrypted anonymizing network widely used by activists to keep their identities safe, but also used to host criminal activities.

Unmasking Tor User

In September last year, an FBI agent asked Hacking Team if the latest version of its Remote Control System (RCS), also known as Galileo - for which the company is famous for, would be capable to reveal the True IP address of a Tor user.

The FBI agent only had the proxy IP address of the target, as according to FBI, the target may be using Tor Browser Bundle (TBB) or some other variant. So, the agent wanted to infect the target's computer by making him download a malicious file.
"We'll need to send him an email with a document or PDF [attachment] to hopefully install the scout [Hacking Team's software]," the FBI agent wrote in the email.
In response to the FBI agent query, A Hacking Team staff member said that once the target's computer is infected, "if he is using TBB you will get the real IP address of the target. Otherwise, once the scout is installed…you can inspect from the device evidence the list of installed programs."

Malware And Hacking Forum Seized, Dozens Arrested

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The FBI and other law enforcement agencies have arrested more than 70 people suspected of carrying out cyber criminal activities associated with one of the most active underground web forums known as Darkode.

Darkode, also used by notorious Lizard Squad, was an online bazaar for cyber criminals looking to buy and sell hacking tools, botnet tools, zero-day exploits, ransomware programs, stolen credit cards, spam services and many illicit products and services.

Darkode Forum Shuts Down, Dozens Arrested
Darkode had been in operation since 2007 before law enforcement authorities seized it this week as part of an investigation carried out in 20 different countries.
"We have dismantled a cyber-hornet's' nest...which was believed by many, including the hackers themselves, to be impenetrable," said U.S. Attorney David J. Hickton.
The crackdown, which the FBI dubbed Operation Shrouded Horizon, was initiated two years ago by its counterparts in Europe, Brazil and law enforcement agencies in more than 20 countries.

Free Online Tools To Gather Information About Websites

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Have you ever noticed and wondered why some websites or blogs loads faster than yours? Ever wondered who is hosting those high-traffic websites? Do you want to find out who is the owner of a certain website?
If you got questions like these, here are some of the most useful free online website research tools that will help you to know each and every detail of any website on the planet.
  • WhoIsTheOwner.net – This online tools gives you the complete Whois information about a website. It also gives you the owner's contact and email address. This tool gives the contact information of the website regarding various issue like support, complaint and maintenance from the domain provider.who-is-the-owner-whois-service2

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