Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Design Fully Revealed In CAD File Leak

The official unveiling of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 may be a few months away, but it looks as though the South Korean company is well on its way to converge its design philosophies to head down a very specific aesthetic route across all ranges. A leaked 3D CAD file which purports to show the design and visuals of Samsung’s next-generation Galaxy Note gives us the clearest indication yet that Samsung is planning on launching the Note 5 with heavy visual inspiration borrowed from its current Galaxy S6 flagship smartphone.
French news site is reporting that a 3D CAD file has been obtained from “an informant” that is described as having always being reliable in the past with leaks of this nature.
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As we can see from the leaked images, the Note 5 features a microUSB port at the bottom, with the 3.5mm headphone jack on the left and a speaker grill on the right. What’s interesting here is the placement of the loudspeaker outlet that has historically been located on the back of previous generation Galaxy Note hardware.
The nature of the CAD file, as well as the render that it outputs, doesn’t give us a clear indication of the materials that will be used in the manufacturing process, but it’s relatively safe to assume that Samsung will utilize the same materials and processes involved in producing the Galaxy S6. If this is the case then Galaxy Note fans can expect an extremely sturdy and premium feeling piece of kit built with a metal chassis and rigid glass components.

10 Best Adsense Ready Fixed Header Blogger Blog Templates

Fixed Header Blogger Templates is a new trend in website design. Now here is a question, why we choose fixed header blogger templates? There are many reasons of choosing fixed header blogger templates but the most important reason is navigation. The fixed header templates are easy to navigate without scrolling back to the top. So It's save the browsing time of the reader.

#1. WebMag – Free Blogger Template

WebMag Blogger Template
The WebMag Blogger Template is a clean and multi-purpose magazine theme for Blogger based websites. It is extremely efficient and has some highly customized functionality. The WebMag Blogger Template is Designed by Templateism. This is a multi-niche template specially designed for Magazine, Technology, Web designing, development, and gadget based blogs. The WebMag Blogger Template is with WhiteSmoke Background.

'Hacking Team' Gets Hacked! 500GB of Data Dumped Over the Internet

Yes, sometimes even the Hackers get Hacked.

Hacking Team, one of the most controversial spyware and malware providers to governments and law enforcement agencies all around the world, allegedly been hacked, with some 500 gigabytes of internal data leaked over the Internet.

The leaked data indicates that despite its denials, the spyware company did sell powerful spyware tools to oppressive regimes in Sudan, Bahrain, Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia.

Massive Data Breach at Hacking Team

The unknown hackers not only managed to make 500 GB of client files, financial documents, contracts and internal emails, publicly available for download, but also defaced Hacking Team’s own Twitter account, replacing the company's logo to "Hacked Team."

Hacking Team, also known as HT S.r.l, is an Italian company known for providing powerful surveillance software Remote Code System (RCS) to Governments and law enforcement agencies.

'Hacking Team' Gets Hacked! 500GB of Data Dumped Over the Internet
The company previously claimed to only deal with ethical governments, although they have never formally disclosed the list of names and businesses.

However, the data breach happened to Hacking Team appears to have revealed the list of its clients somehow.

iPhone 6s Keynote And Release Date Leaked

According to a newly published report, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus keynote event and launch dates have been revealed.
The information comes in from MICGadget, which claims to have heard from Foxconn that the Cupertino giant has scheduled its iPhone 6s/6s Plus keynote event for the 11th of September, which happens to be a Friday. This will be followed by the launch of the handsets exactly a week later on the 18th, which too happens to be a Friday.
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Apple has historically favored Fridays for releasing its new products. Last year’s iPhone 6 keynote was held on a Tuesday, the 9th of September with the device going on sale next week on Friday, September 19th. Thus the launch date of 18th of September for this year does make sense. Also, Apple would want to launch the new handset as close as possible to contract expiration for early iPhone adopters.

How to increase internet speed by using command prompt?

Increase your internet speed by using command prompt. We know maximum computer user's major problem is slow internet access speed, and we are using many software and tricks to speed up our internet connection access speed.
So friends today I’m going to tell you a trick for increasing your internet speed by usingcommand prompt (CMD).

 Check your Internet speed test on before starting this trick. Then again check your new internet speed and see the difference of this Great trick.

How to Speedup Internet connection using Command Prompt.

Follow below given step for increase you internet speed.
For windows user
Click on Start 
Type cmd in Search program and files box (Click right click and Run cmd as Administrator)
Now command prompt will appear
In command prompt go to root directly "C:\" type cd C:\ )
Now type netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=disabled
Now press Enter button you have done it.
cmd trick for increase internet speed

Facebook Emoticons comments symbols code list

facebook emoticon comment box demo picture
Emoticon icons for Facebook comments box-

  • What are emoticons?

 Friends suppose we are chatting on facebook with our friends, and we want show our emotions or feelings but you know some emotions we can't express with word but byEmoticon icons we can explain our feelings with smiley faces emoticons smile, frown, Kiss, Winks and more many chat emoticons for fb.

How to Backup/Restore blogger template in new blogger

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Backup/Download & Upload/Restore blogger template in new blogger.

Backup / Restore Blogger Template –Friends I have receive many mail from our blog viewers they want to know how to backup blogger template and how to restore blogger template.

Important of Backup of Blogger Template – Friends some time we edit our blog template and make some mistake in that situation we need our previews template for restore as previews style.

How to Add Facebook Popup Like Box Widget in Blogger

Popup facebook like box widget for blogger increase your facebook page fans by adding beautiful facebook like box popup widget in your blog this widget is very useful and recommended widget for bloggers. Feature this widget will appear after 20 second of page load. This popup widget will show only once not again and again because this widget saves some cookies file in user browser and tell to browser don’t open again and again when user delete this browser cookies file and open again your blog so again 1st time it will be show but after this again save cookies in browser and not will be open again.

It’s a onetime facebook popup like box for blogger

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How to add popup window in blogger

Popup window is an extra window it's open in load on page or click on mouse and many other type now we will learn how to add click on mouse open popup window in blogger.

Pop up window is very use full for any important page show to viewers .
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How to Track Google Adsense Check Using Payment and Tracking Number?

How to Track Google adsense check Position – Hello Friends we got very  excited when we reach to Our First Google adsense check (When we reach $ 100 or above for our fist Payment form Google ) Many people want to know how to Track Google adsense check position Google Our check dispatch or not and when we will receive our  check . Google also respect our Feeling and Google gives an option for Track our check status.
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Top 10 SEO Friendly Adsense Ready Blogger Templates

Blogger Is Platform which is used by millions of Peoples to create free Blogs without spending Money No special skills required to create and manage Blog. But There is Some problems of blogger Templates because not SEO Friendly & not for Adsense and simple designs. but You can use thousands of free blogger templates from internet but there is one issue for beginner how to choose SEO Friendly Templates so we are giving you 11 best SEO Friendly & Adsense Ready Templates.

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Apple Pay UK Reportedly Set For July 14th Launch

Good news fellow UK dwellers, because after months of waiting to hear when Apple Pay was coming to the island we now know just when it will make its long awaited appearance, with leaked documents pegging July 14th as the big go-live.
Apple announced that the UK would receive Apple Pay during its WWDC opening keynote, with a simple launch timeframe of July given. Now, with documents starting to leak out – courtesy 9to5Mac – of retail outlets in the country, it is becoming clear that July 14th is the day that Apple Pay will become available to those with iPhones and accounts with the right banks.
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The report, citing multiple sources as well as Apple employees, is the first to give us a hard date for when Apple Pay will be switched on for the UK and is backed up by a photo of documentation which appears to have July 14th down as the date Apple Pay goes live in retail stores. It is unclear which retail store the document originated from, though other documentation does bear the Waitrose name. One of the UK’s supermarkets, Waitrose will begin accepting Apple Pay at its stores on July 14th.

Ultimate List of 60+ Best Sites To Download FREE ebooks

In a world getting really fast progress in everywhere,Paper books are getting quite old , and they have a really nice alternative called eBooks.What used to be a large library and take a lot of place, can now all be available in your hands, in one gadget.

The best thing about eBooks is that instead of carrying a heavy book, you can have many in your hand. Besides, you can search the whole book for a piece of information or a title without having to keep searching for it in the index.
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What can be better? well apparently, I’ve compiled a large list of sites that can let you download many of these eBooks for free ��

40+ Sites To Download FREE High Quality Icons

Icons are everywhere on the web. In most modern designs it is used to not only complete our design but also to attract the user’s eye. Designers use icons to create breath-taking designs and decorate their desktop as well. There are countless sites where you can download free or high quality icons for your desktop, new website or new application that you’re designing.
We searched for all those resources from where you can get high quality icons free of cost. So here is the ultimate list of  40 + sites where you can download free and beautiful icons sets. Hope you’d like our efforts.

Icons Archive

Top 10 Ways to Gain Access To Blocked Websites

In our schools and offices, some sites specially social networking websites like MySpace and facebook are often blocked. While visiting these blocked websites on the Internet, your IP address is being logged with each file you download with your web browser.
Using following 10 basic ways you can unblock those websites and gain access by bypassing the filters and keeping your identity safe from being logged.
1. Web proxies
Many free online services allow you to access blocked websites through a proxy server. An anonymizer or an anonymous proxy is a tool that attempts to make activity on the Internet untraceable. It accesses the Internet on the user’s behalf, protecting personal information by hiding the source computer’s identifying information. There are literally thousands of anonymous proxy servers out there. Like; See the Master List of all Web Proxy Servers by

Ultimate Guide to Move from Blogger to WordPress in Just 6 Steps

Setting up a blog at looks much easier and convenient to new bloggers at beginning. The biggest reason for that is it’s FREE and extremely easy to learn and blog. I too started with blogger and had no idea about self-hosted wordpress blogs at that time.I thought would be well enough to handle all of my blogging needs.
However as my site grew up I realized I need more more control over it, more of that “professional touch” to attract more and more visitors and readers. And is simply not up to the challenge of running a professional blog. As I observed that almost all of those professionals out there are running their blogs on WordPress platform, I started learning more about it and decided to make the “big MOVE” – shifting from blogger to WordPress.
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Why? Well there are hundreds of answer to this. With WordPress you not only get your own hosted server but also get rid of the limitations by The two BIG reasons behind moving to WP are (1). Plugins Support and (2). Better SEO. These are just 2 reasons, but I found many good reasons that make WP way better than

Here’s What Happens When You Pour Gallium Over An iPhone 6

Sometimes science is just plain awesome, and today is one of those times. The reason for that is a YouTube video that we stumbled across which shows something called gallium being used to destroy an iPhone. Sounds fairly mundane, right?
First off, what exactly is gallium? We’re glad you asked, because it’s an element, which carries the atomic number of 31. In fact, it seemingly doesn’t even exist in its free form in nature and is found as a compound in a lot of cases.
Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 1.49.02 AM
If that doesn’t answer your question, all you really need to know is that gallium likes to get a little too close with aluminum, with the end results being generally pretty catastrophic for said aluminum. And you know what iPhones are made of, don’t you?
That’s right, aluminum.

Here's How You Can Replace Your iPhone Battery For Free

Nothing is scarier than your iPhone alerting you that your battery had hit 5%, especially when you just took it off the charger with a 100 percent full battery about an hour ago. 

To be very honest, it literally sucks. However, you no need to worry about this problem now, as there's a solution.

Apple has just modified its warranty programs to make it easier for you to get your iPhone battery or in some cases, the whole device exchanged at an Apple Store.

Under its new AppleCare+ policy, the company is offering to replace the batteries in your iOS devices for free until January 2016, but if and only if you are eligible.

Gello: Cyanogen's Customizable Web Browser for Android

Get ready for a new Android Browser! Android ROM developer CyanogenMod has announced that it is working on a new browser for Android devices.

Dubbed Gello, the open-source browser is based on Google's Chromium project and includes a ton of customization options for Android.

The team provided a first look of Gello through a demo video that actually reveals a lot about the new Android browser.

Gello: Cyanogen's Customizable Web Browser for Android

Some Specific Features of Gello include:

  • "Save for Offline" Reading Mode
  • Night Mode and Immersive Mode options
  • Extensive site-by-site Privacy and Security Settings, including Ad Blocker
  • Advanced Download Manager that allow you to rename files and select file paths
  • Customized interface, including Tab Animations and Management
  • Moreover, Lots of other granular controls.
The Gello web browser would be aimed at those who prefer Android Open Source Project (AOSP) versions instead of Google's Android.

This 20-year-old Student Has Written 100 Malware Programs in Two Years

Security firm Trend Micro has identified a 20-year-old Brazilian college student responsible for developing and distributing over 100 Banking Trojans selling each for around US$300.

Known online as 'Lordfenix', 'Hacker's Son' and 'Filho de Hacker', the computer science student first began his career by posting in forums, asking for programming help for a Trojan he was developing, researchers said.

This 20-year-old Student Has Written 100 Malware Programs in Two Years

Developed More than 100 Trojans

However, Lordfenix has "grown quite confident in his skills" and began developing and distributing malware tailored to pilfer financial information since at least 2013.
"Based on our research, Lordfenix has created more than 100 different banking Trojans, not including his other malicious tools, since April 2013," Trend Micro says"With each Trojan costing around R$1,000 (roughly $320), this young cybercriminal channeled his talent in programming into a lucrative, illegal venture."
Trend Micro has also provided an image of the hacker's Facebook wall post (given below) in which the hacker shows a considerable amount of local currency.

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