Hacking Facebook Account - Facebook Bomber or Facebook Spammer

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Today Facebook is touching the sky in social networking, and with this many Facebook Bomber and Spammer are also in being used , in a large scale. This tool is very awesome to freak your victim on Facebook or may be your friend, then this tool is the best for you, keep on reading for... Hacking Facebook Account - Facebook Bomber or Facebook Spammer.


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What is Facebook Bomber or Spammer ?
As the name suggests this tool is used to spam your friends or victims Facebook account completely , This tool is very powerful and it can even bypass certain Facebook security , and so this is the perfect Facebook Hacking Tool to freak your friends or you can say enemy. Hacking Facebook Account | Facebook Bomber Well, to use this tool is very and is very useful to all of us, just follow out this easy steps and know to spam Facebook account, and thus "Hacking Facebook Account"



1. Download Facebook Bomber or Facebook Spammer
2. Open it and login via that hacking tool ( note : don't this tool is secure for you )
3. Now you can see many Spamming Options like :

* Homepage Spam
* Victim Homepage Spam

* Comment Spam

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* Friend Spam
* Inbox Spam
* Inbox Reply Spam

4. You can click on Help or How To Use This options their in the tool.
5. Enjoy this tool and have some fun.  

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