Advantages of Joining Blogging Communities


Have you not yet tried using best blogging communities? If yes, you are missing great knowledge in your field. As I told in my previous post that blogging communities don’t have perfect niche. So you are free to join and share your blog posts and get traffic. Not only traffic you still have many advantages that will push you to join blogging communities.
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Advantages of joining Blogging Communities :
  • Free Traffic to your blog
  • Quality blog posts will be approved and you enjoy quality knowledge
  • Free backlinks to your submitted blog posts
  • Social Networking site contains, messaging, adding friends and much more
  • Chance to meet best bloggers all over the world
  • No Niche. Almost every quality sites are welcome.
  • Helps in Fast Indexing in Search Engines
  • Boost Sales
  • Easy to find Giveaways

PageRank and Alexa Benefit:

You know page rank improving and alexa rank improving plays most important role in our present blogging world. Alexa and PageRank matters more. How joining blogging communities help in improving alexa rank and page rank?. If you get the point about alexa rank and how it works? You might have understood that, traffic with alexa toolbar installed would help you increase alexa rank quickly. Yes. Who need alexa toolbar..? It’s us, bloggers and webmasters.

Definition :

“A blogging community is a social networking site, with professional bloggers and webmasters all over the world, join to share blog posts, to communicate, to help other bloggers and to develop relationships”
So if you have quality content and get published, you will understand how traffic and backlinks start flowing to your site. As registered users are bloggers, they may link your article in their blog posts if you maintain and quality posts. So this helps in getting backlinks from high pr sites and help in improving page rank.

Get Extraordinary Ideas:

Very common known problem in blogging, on what topic we should write? As bloggers have many topics getting into mind to choose, blogging community is the best way to choose best topic to write blog posts. As blogging community is library of all type of niches, like health, blogging, seo, gaming, fashion, software reviews and much more.., bloggers can easily get best ideas for writing quality blog posts.

Quality Knowledge :

Quality Knowledge, is easily acquired while reading posts, sorry quality posts. As blogging communities welcome quality blog posts, if you read them you get quality thought with perfect knowledge about your niche. So gaining you can easily get awesome ideas to write amazing quality blog posts.

Free to Ask Questions:

As blogging communities gather world’s best bloggers at one place, you would be allowed to send them private messages and ask related stuff you need. So blogging communities help to clear your doubts by asking professional bloggers.

Money Making Exposure :

You know mostly bloggers enter into blogging for making their living with blogging. Some enter for fun, for learning and some for flipping. So, internet has many ways to make money online. The only thing that matters is, we should know how to make money online with our blog or skill or any other. So, using blogging communities you learn ultimate ways to make money online.

Blogging Community Guidelines :

Before you start using any blogging community, you should remember that, no spam and no breaking of their terms and conditions. Blogging communities clearly state that if a user spams in their community, data related to them would be reported global database that would take serious action on spammer.
Success Tips to Get Published In Blogging Communities :
So, if you don’t get up votes you mean you have very low quality content. Think about quality before you click on Publish button. Blogging Communities have two ways to publish your submitted post. You need Upvotes and Karma score.
Upvotes : Depends on quality content Karma Score:  Karma score depends on your activity in blogging community. You need to regularly visit that blogging community, vote others, comment on other posts and share them in your social media.
So admins of blogging communities set upvotes count and karma score to publish your post. This how you should manage doing well in blogging communities to get published and to be top in homepage. So these are the best advantages of joining blogging communities. Let me know what you think about joining blogging communities? Is it worth to join or not…? Drop a comment. I am eager to hear from you.

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