devil Review 2016 Best Pop under advertising network | Clickadu Maximize Your Revenue with Best Ad Network Review: Advertisement industry is flourishing day by day. Most of the businesses who wish to grow their assets go for advertising. Advertising has become an integral part of the advertising industry. Online advertising is the part of advertising that has gained pace in no time. Many businesses are going online for advertising to reach a worldwide audience. Many companies have taken up the responsibilities to serve ads on behalf of businesses worldwide. One such company is Let us learn more about it.

What is all about? is the core platform for advertising. It provides quality services & tools to people in advertising and publishing job. It enables them to make their business set a new benchmark by receiving large traffic or earning money through clicks. Clickadu makes use of the best ad server technology to help the advertisers maximize the reach and fetches the publishers a handsome amount. Clickadu is one of the platforms created for both advertisers and publishers.

It is quite a common phenomenon on the Internet, wherein one of your search results fetches you with an additional window for displaying ads. Without a compatible ad-blocker, it is almost inevitable for anyone to escape from the advertisement. In the generation of ‘Skip Ad’, pop-up ads have turned up as a solution to justify the advertisement expenses.
Now imagine your advertisement being served to exactly that kind of customer who can draw his card and execute the final payment. Well, with this is how the story goes. As an eantertainment advertising network, the website pops your product directly to a mature audience and flashes your idea on International screens.
Leading the global advertisement boards with over 72 million impressions a day, clickadu does it with a well-incorporated network of advertisers and publishers. Also, the entire advertisement setup is of cross-platform nature and functions with a consistent quality across smartphones and desktops alike. As such, clickadu owns 30 million impressions a day on android phones and another 20 million on iOs devices.
These pop-under impressions fetch high eCPM, especially when the results are pouring in from over 200 countries. Under a single signup account the users are facilitated with a host of features and tons of infographic to help you observe better. Follow this link to sign up as an advertiser or publisher with clickadu and enjoy a real time experience of the below features:

Crisp Interface

clickadu6  clickadu
The features are clean but surprisingly they perform their bit in a detailed framework. You will find a panel filled with almost a dozen of such features to stay intact at all times. Its dashboard forms the homepage for a brisk review over the impressions, and their earnings. The source of detail has also been leveled down to show the value distribution across clicks and CPM. But the yummiest portion is definitely the forecasted monetary value of the month, which is estimated on the basis of the current rate.

Statistical Analysis

At clickadu you will always find yourself surrounded with ample amount of details and feedbacks coming from around the world. However, the entire functionality of the account has been shrunk into a single graph, wherein you can check the daily value of profit and impressions.
By joining the dot of each day with the next, a graph curves up to represent the boundaries of your business. In quite an involuntary way I also find it provocative from the website’s end, as the graph challenges you to pitch more and more.


The entire operation of clickadu is evolved around its expertise in optimization. Starting from its installation kit to a forever open customer support, everything is here to maximize your reach. You will find the setup to be highly intuitive and only requires some important information to be filled.
Moreover, the content against which the pop-under advertisement turns up is also said to be of exclusive quality. This greatly affects the conversion ratio of your advertisement and ultimately the return on investment that you would have achieved.
For targeting the audience at a more advanced level, the incoming data can be filtered as per geo-location, site, device platform, etc. To uphold false sign ups from disturbing your factual data clickadu comes with bot and fraud filtering. But you don’t need to worry a thing as these are automated campaign optimization features.
Advertisers will also find some top options coming in handy, as it lets you place your ad, choose placement site, add frequency cap and even apply daytime parting. Once you are through with the work sessions, the payments are released once in every two weeks. Every major mode of online transaction is acceptable and includes names like Payoneer, PayPal, Paxum, Webmoney and Wire Transfer.

Dedicated Managers

This is too much to ask from a free service provider, but yes, clickadu is of those freemium services that provide managers dedicated for handling each account. Just login and you will find them available for assistance, especially when dealing with medium to high-level clients. They can even set up your account with a server to server (S2S) postback for keeping a consistent track of the conversions.

Customer Service

The services provided under the clickadu account are free and over the top, they also come with a 24/7 customer support. Any product or business related query will be entertained here, which means you have both financial and technical ends covered. Also, its International portfolio pushes clickadu to extend its customer support in multiple foreign languages. Write to them under the support section and the team will reach back to you.

Terms of usage

Being an entertainment advertising network that serves exclusively to the over 18 crowd, helps clickadu to sustain with its USP of serving to a legally matured customer. However, the ideology behind this website is to work solely as an agency for placing pop-under ads and must not be confused for promoting any rampant unlawful activity. This also means that only entertainment websites can be registered for a clickadu account.

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  1. The website can be integrated with various blogs, microsites, and websites.
  2. High-quality traffic of an entertainment audience to understand and purchase your products.
  3. Impressions placed on premium sites with exclusive content.
  4. Dashboard option for instant access to essential data.
  5. Put a cap on aspects of your choice and control things like budget or frequency.
  6. Self-capable platform for publishers and advertisers.
  7. Referral programs can get you a share of 5% from publisher’s revenue upon using your referral link.
  8. Being an online application, it is independent of the system’s platform.
  9. The account is free.


  1. Takes a little more time to buffer when browsing through one of the in-panel options.
  2. Only entertainment websites can be registered under it.
  3. Streamlined to function with pop-under ads and not other forms of online advertisement.


Clickadu plays out of the league and only with big boys, but its specialty remains intact as a firm for placing pop-under impressions. The concept behind this kind of marketing has allured many online giants to pick up new selling strategies, managing to place clickadu in a great frame of business. Since the entire affair is freemium, so you are actually not losing anything with a signup. Try it with your product and see if it floats your ideas with promising feedbacks?

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