Stealing passwords from the system memory


The most popular methods of stealing passwords via the Internet

Stealing passwords via the Internet is gaining more and more speed. Fraudsters use increasingly sophisticated methods to steal your personal information, and then money.
If your password is stolen, you may lose not only finance. In the end, this is not the most important thing. Any personal information, which is much more valuable than money, and this is what the fraudster is hunting for.
Everyone wants to feel safe and therefore protects their personal data by any available ways that knows.
And now we will try to help you, because if you know the techniques that are used in the practice of the “hunters” to steal your passwords, you will be immune to all their tricks and attacks. It is even easier than custom writing!

Protect your credit card

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1. Theft of the PIN code from the bank card. At one point, you get e-mail or SMS message with the words indicating that your card is blocked, etc. Naturally, anyone would be upset and want to know what he should do. That is why many people ask the questions they are interested in in the message which they send to that number.
In the next message, a swindler says you need to send the card number and its PIN. If you're sending this data, you can say goodbye to your money.
To avoid such a scenario, remember that no bank will ever request such data from their customer! Besides, you can always call the bank's support for free (its number is written on your card) and get to know why everything happened this way.

2. Theft of the electronic money. The situation is similar to the above. Here, we must remember that the password of the e-payment system is restored only on their own sites.
By the way, you can be sent with a link from the phishing site (looks the same, but in fact belongs to the fraudsters). Be careful and compare the website address up to the letter and sign - then no one will ever be able to deceive you.


3. One of the most common methods of personal data theft is a Trojan program. Any working program may be affected by a special code, which is activated on your computer and starts to memorize all the information that you enter in the different text fields.
Then, when the required amount of data is collected, it sends it to a particular address that was initially programmed in the Trojan. And you cannot even find out any information about it because then the trojan can delete itself from your computer.
The only way to be protected against this scourge is a good anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall (do not be afraid, all of these programs are often integrated into one package) and private care.

4. Theft of a password from the mailbox. Why go some need to steal it? So, in fact, you have a priceless contacts database, which can be interesting and useful to many people.
Very often this is as follows: the letter arrives claiming to be from the technical support of the e-mail service, wherein the profile is attached. The letter usually explains that with this letter they want to check the abandonment of mailboxes and they ask you to fill in the form. This form usually contains these fields: Name, User Name, Password, etc.
Remember that no one has the right to request your password - carefully check the address of the sender!
Remember elementary prudence, and everything will be fine.

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