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Write For Us!

Tech Holics Blog | THBhacking.com was founded in June 2011 and since then, my journey with you guys has been tremendous. Couple of you guys wanted to become our valuable guest author here at THB (Tech Holics Blog), so i believe we should have a 'Write for Us' page now smile

What Can You Write About @ Tech Holics Blog?

We basically share gadget reviews, hacking articles, traffic generation, making money online, blogging tipssocial media news and tricks, latest Blogger widgets that attracts our readers, search engine tips etc. So any thing around these topics would be a pleasure for me to publish it here with our fellow readers.

Will Your Post Be Accepted?

Why Not? You guys are like my brothers, sisters or at least friends.smile So as far as your basic English sentence structure is right, and you have something 'valuable' for the readers to have, you just don't need to worry about any thing. 

Just give it a shot!

What Will You Get In Return Of Your Guest Post?

Love first of all! 


  • Promotion: Our loyal readers don't take a second to speak out their minds on any post, published. The Tech Holics Blog family loves to appreciate each other and together we all motivate each other on the road to become a Problogger! Secondly, they are given the opportunity to add their social media sharing buttons to their author profile box below every post they write. 
This would help them increase their Facebook and Twitter followers through every post that they write for BloggingeHow! 
    • Page Rank Flow: Tech Holics Blog is a high Google Page rank blog and would love to share some page rank link juice with our valuable guest authors who would like to contribute to the Tech Holics Blog family.
    • Author Bio: You would be awarded with a separate 'Author Box' below each of your Guest Post, that would have a short description about you, you social connections and your little cute profile picture. The box looks amazing! smile

      You, as a Guest Author, can get a 'kick off' in your early blogging career. You can build your name as an Blogger. Its a great opportunity.smile

      How Can You Submit The Guest Post?

      Its simple. Just shoot me a message HERE and mention what topic you wish to write upon. I would be more than happy to entertain your hard work and would publish it to our loving audience.

      How Long Should A Guest Post Be?

      I dont really mind if you would write a guest post of even 300 words. The quality is really what matters. By qulaity something out of the world, but the post should have a unique flavor (every good author has his own writing style, so that would be pretty easy smile )

      Just make sure that you write something that you would like to read your self too. Thats the bench mark! And i know you're a skill full writer biggrin

      How Can You Start Off?

      • Think Of A Topic You Wish To Write Upon (That could be something that YOU wish to learn YOUR self)
      • DONT waste any time and start typing your content.
      • Email me the post!

      Guest Author Of The Month

      Every month we would be featuring our valuable Guest Authors in a post, so that are Tech Holics Blog community would get to know their valuable faces.

      What Are You Waiting For?

      Would love to see you coming up with great posts that we all could read and share are views upon it. Looking forward to working with yeah!biggrin

      Would love to here from you...